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A selection of protein powders on a table


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With more people making the switch to a plant-based diet for ethical, environmental or health reasons, the range of vegan protein supplements has rapidly expanded in recent years.




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Grams of protein per serving: 21g per 25g serving
每份卡路里:89 kcals
Type of protein: pea protein isolate, soy protein isolate, hemp protein, brown rice protein

Best all round vegan protein powder

Marketed as a game-changing vegan protein shake to rival whey protein powders, we had high expectations for this product from The Protein Works. Packing a pleasing 21g protein per 25g serving, it’s also impressively low in calories.

才不辜负的炒作味道测试?由一个nd large, yes it did. It has a very chocolatey flavour that was sweet enough to taste like a dessert without being sickly. There's an ever so slightly floury aftertaste – a very common pitfall of vegan protein powders – but it didn't spoil the experience. The powder mixes really well, even in a shaker, and isn't chalky or grainy.

最后的加点是物有所值 - 每次摇动的成本约为1英镑。它进来的浴缸也很不错。大拇指。

The Protein Works (£26.99)
Amazon (£37.99)


Plant Supplements Vegan CBD Protein Chocolate

每份卡路里:114 kcals
Type of protein: pea protein
Type of sweetener: stevia, xylitol


最新健身趋势的追随者可能希望尝试这种植物性粉末,每勺提供8mg CBD。CBD对于大麻植物中发现的一种非精神化合物大麻二醇的缩写,有些人据报道有一系列范围health and wellness benefits


可从Plant Supplements (£39)



Grams of protein per serving: 17g per 25g serving
每份卡路里:97 kcals
Type of protein: peanut flour, yellow pea protein, raw pumpkin seed protein, hemp seed protein


The ingredients list on this powder is reassuringly short and recognisable. It’s a blend of four different organic protein sources – fat-reduced peanut flour, yellow pea protein, raw pumpkin seed protein and hemp seed protein – with no sugars, sweeteners, additives or flavourings. As a bonus, peanuts and pumpkin seeds are a good source of typtophan – an amino acid that helps our brain produce melatonin, a hormone that’s linked to sleep.

This powder had a lovely roasted peanut flavour, and paired beautifully with almond milk and banana, which added a touch of sweetness and creaminess. When it was mixed just with water it was thinner, and as it’s unsweetened, it has a very natural and earthy taste, but was still palatable. As a side note – the packaging doesn’t specify how much liquid to use per 25g serving, so we experimented and found 250ml liquid was the right amount to produce a nice smooth shake. We didn’t test it out, but the packaging suggests adding to pancake batter – and it would likely be a welcome addition to a bowl of porridge, too.

一个300克盒子中包含12 x 25克单人袋装,价格为23.99英镑,每张奶昔的价格为1.99英镑。它也不含麸质。

Motion Nutrition (£23.99)
Planet Organic (£23.99)
Amazon (£21.95)


Vega Essentials蛋白质巧克力

Calories per serving: 145 kcals
Type of protein: pea protein, flaxseed powder, hemp protein, quinoa powder
Type of sweetener: steviol glycosides



有了所有这些成分,您可能会期待(ahem)异常的味道,但我们发现它具有可爱的牛奶巧克力味,可以喝可爱。它确实需要一个很好的旧奶昔才能结合所有粉末(将其视为额外的手臂锻炼),但是一旦混合在一起,它就很好又光滑 - 当我们使用搅拌机时,我们根本就没有问题。

There are 18 servings in a 648g packet which costs around £31.99, coming out at £1.77 per scoop.
Holland & Barrett (£18.08)
Planet Organic (£29.99)



Type of protein: pea protein isolate, white hemp protein
Type of sweetener: steviol glycosides


More than just a protein shake, this product is formulated specifically to support women's nutritional needs, providing several key vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin B12. Free Soul also include a few extra ingredients so you get more bang for your buck – including Peruvian maca, ginseng, guarana and L-Carnitine.

它也是测试中最好的品尝香草粉,具有非常微妙的天然风味,不太甜,与香蕉搭配得很好。它确实有点粉料,但没有以令人不愉快的方式 - 让人想起面糊,这不是坏事。

It's pretty good value-for-money too, with 20 servings in a 600g packet, costing £24 – £1.20 per shake.

Free Soul (£24)
Amazon (£24)
Holland & Barrett (£24.99)


Liberto Dark Chocolate & Sour Cherry

Grams of protein per serving: 21.7g protein per 40g serving
Calories per serving: 150 kcals
Type of sweetener: coconut palm sugar


If you're after a full-flavoured protein powder with minimal processed ingredients, this is a great choice. Delivering 21.7g protein per 40g serving, it’s also high in omega 3 ALA fatty acids from chia and flax, along with maca, prebiotics and probiotics – with over 1 billion live cultures per serving. It ticks a lot of boxes, being organic, gluten-free, soya-free and high in fibre.

The real strong point of this powder is the taste – it has a very bold sour cherry flavour with a rich dark chocolate base. It also mixed easily to a nice smooth consistency, even just with water in the shaker, and has minimal grittiness or chalkiness. Like the others, it does have a slight floury aftertaste but overall, it's thoroughly enjoyable to drink.

This product is the highest in sugar out of all of those featured, at 3.34g per serving, but it’s a great option for those who want to avoid artificial sweeteners without sacrificing on taste.

这也是我们测试最昂贵的产品之一,每280克包装中有七份,价格为14.99英镑 - 每流价为2.14英镑。

Liberto (£14.99)
Holland & Barrett (£12.49)


Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Coffee Coconut & MCTs

Grams of protein per serving: 18.2g per 25g serving
每份卡路里:106 kcals
Type of protein: pea protein isolate
Type of sweetener: steviol glycosides


Coffee fans – this might be the protein powder for you. It's gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, lectin-free, non-GMO, and contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) – a type of fat-based supplement popular among athletes and body builders, and said to be more easily digested than the longer-chain fatty acids found in other foods.

The powder has quite a strong coconut flavour and a more subtle coffee kick, making it a perfect option after a morning workout. It dissolves nicely, isn't gritty at all and had no lumps, even when mixed briskly by hand in the shaker. When mixed with water it's on the thin side, but can easily be thickened up by mixing with almond milk instead.

Nuzest (£33.99)
Amazon (£34.99)



Dietary supplements such as protein bars should be consumed as part of a healthy, balanced diet, and not used as a substitute for whole food.

营养学家克里·托伦斯(Kerry Torrens)解释说:“诸如粉末等蛋白质补充剂是高度加工的,缺乏整体天然食品的微量营养素和其他有益的营养素。我们都应该通过均衡的饮食来达到蛋白质的需求,但是对于短期使用或在某些情况下,可以考虑补充蛋白质。”

It's important to remember that powders a concentrated source of energy and can be high in sugar, carbohydrates and fats. Consider your individual health and fitness goals, your personal dietary requirements and your reason for including protein powders in your diet when deciding which product to buy and how often to drink them.

发现如何吃均衡的饮食the best protein sources,包括选项vegetarians素食


If you're regularly getting enough protein from your diet, adding a supplement might not make a noticeable difference to your health. However, those who are either unable to regularly eat enough protein due to decreased appetite or illness, or who have increased protein needs as a result of high-intensity exercise might benefit from taking a supplement.

克里说,“举个例子,这可能是没有t an obvious one, is the elderly. This group often has a greater need for protein, but a lower appetite. Increasing protein intake in a form that is palatable and suits their lowered appetite may be effective in protecting against muscle loss. That said, in this group other aspects, such as kidney health and osteoporosis, need to be considered and monitored – it’s worth checking with a GP that protein supplements are safe and suitable for each individual.’


除非营养师指示,否则儿童不应服用蛋白质补充剂。NHS建议长期食用过多的蛋白质与骨质疏松症的风险增加有关,并可能恶化现有的肾脏问题。有些人发现蛋白质摇动难以消化 - 最好将它们逐渐纳入您的饮食中,并了解如何进行。尽管应该在标签上陈述过敏原,但过敏的任何人都应该谨慎使用新补充剂,因为在工厂中存在明显的交叉污染风险。那些怀孕,母乳喂养或接受现有医疗状况的人应在开始新补充剂之前咨询其全科医生。


Yes. The Department of Healthadvises adults为了避免消耗推荐的每日蛋白质摄入量的两倍以上(男性为55克,女性为45克)。始终仔细阅读任何蛋白质补充剂的标签,坚持推荐的份量,并注意饮食中的其他蛋白质来源。如果您担心自己可能会消耗过多的蛋白质,请与您的全科医生交谈。


How to choose a protein powder

Choosing a suitable protein powder will depend on your personal requirements and goals. For example, if you're looking to gain weight or build muscle, you might want to consider a 'mass-gainer' product that is higher in calories and carbohydrates. Look for a product to fit your dietary requirements and double-check allergen labelling on the packet.



Taste and texture: is the flavour pleasant? Is the texture palatable?

Type of protein: pea, brown rice, hemp, peanut, soya, or another plant-based protein?


Type of sweetener: does it contain sugars, artificial sweetener or neither?

Dietary requirements:素食主义者,无麸质,无大豆?

物有所值: how does it compare to others on a cost-per-shake basis?

A selection of protein powders on a table

Testing notes



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